Developer Games Workshop
Publisher Games Workshop
Genre Sci-Fi

Warhammer 40000

About this game


     Warhammer 40,000 is a dark science fiction minature game that takes place in a universe of perpetual war. Players paint and assemble figures and models that comprise their army in which they battle an opponent.

     There are many different factions and races to choose from, each with it's own strengths and weakness. Each army and race has its own visual style and game mechanics. With this in mind it is good to do some research on each army that you might find appealing.

     Warhammer 40k generally has the largest player base and community of any miniature game making it fairly easy to find people to play with. Warhammer also has a robust competitive scene so there are lots events and tournaments to participate in.


Game Workshop, the publisher of Warhammer produces some of the highest detail and quality plastic figures in the industry, though you will be paying a premium price for these figures.

While we carry a large selection of new Warhammer 40k we also provide used figures to help getting into the game easier on your wallet.