We Buy and Sell Used Figures!

Are you looking to start an army on the cheap, or perhaps you need a figure or two to fill out a unit or parts for that special custom project? Used figures can provide you with an affordable alternative to buy an expensive full kit. One of the unique thing we have here at Phoenix Games is our selection of used figures. It's a service that our customers really love. We buy all sorts of figures, with a focus on the Warhammer games.

Since the figures are previously owned, the condition varies greatly and selection also varies depending on what is brought in. Some just enjoy the treasure hunt of searching through the tons of used stuff for hoping to find that hidden treasure, that one figure that will finish there collection. So come down and dig through the used stuff and find something cool

Looking to Sell?

If your looking to off load those old figures or collection, talk to Nate Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturnday during store hours.