Developer Games Workshop
Publisher Games Workshop
Genre Miniature, Fantasy


About this game

Age of Sigmar  is Games Workshops new fantasy based skirmish game.

Age of Sigmar emphasises the narrative part of the wargaming experience. It encourages you to play scenarios and recreate battles from the existing books or to make your own stories.

The ruleset is designed to make the game easy to learn but hard to master. It is very quick to read the basic rules common to everyone, while more specific mechanics are contained in "Warscrolls". Each unit in Age of Sigmar has a Warscroll: a pamphlet detailing its rules and stats, giving you everything you need to play your unit on the battlefield. The art of the game lies in understanding how your units work together, and exploiting synergies to use them as a cohesive army.

The rules and Warscrolls are free, and can be downloaded from the Games Workshop website or viewed in the Age of Sigmar app.

Age of Sigmar has several different modes of play, including Matched Play which, just like Warhammer Fantasy Battle includes points total for different units and opponents can agree on the number of points to be fielded, in this mode of play, there are also Army Composition rules that change depending on the point level being played, and the base rules are modified to allow for balanced play (Three Rules of One). All of the information and points cost to play Matched Games is contained in the General's Handbook. Also contained in this book are Campaign modes and Narrative modes. And of course the original mode of play has no points, but is mostly based on model/wound count which lent itself to only elite units being any good.


One of the attributes that makes Infinity special is it's game mechanics that allow that allows a player to react in his opponent's turn. There is no waiting around half asleep while your opponent takes his turn. You always have to be on your toes.

You can take the battlefield with all sorts of troops, including powered armored troops, Mechs called TAGs(Tactical armored Gear), various combat robots, ninja, well you get the idea.